For VIP Subscriptions Purchased Through the Roku Channel Store


From the Roku player (using a Roku remote that has a * button)


Browse and highlight the channel you wish to remove (CONtv)

Press the options (“*”) button on your remote control

Select “manage subscription” from the options menu

Select “cancel subscription”


From a web browser using your Roku Account


Sign in to your Roku account at

Click on “Manage Your Subscriptions”

Select the subscription channel to cancel (CONtv)

Click “Cancel Subscription”




From the Roku player (using a Roku remote that does not have a * button)


From the Roku home screen, select Channel Store

Select the CONtv Channel

Select “manage subscription”

Select “cancel subscription”

Since subscriptions are pre-paid and non-refundable you may choose to either cancel the subscription and immediately remove it from your home screen or cancel the subscription and keep it for the active (paid for) period.



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