If you are interested in getting access to all of the CONtv titles ad-free, as well as Wizard World convention benefits, advanced access to our Livestream events and other amazing goodies, then please go here to upgrade your membership to VIP status.

It is possible to have a CONtv account and not be a paying VIP subscriber. This is so you can enjoy all the perks of having a customized playlist and the ability to see some of our recommended titles. (Even though all of our content is recommended. Its good stuff!)




Just having a profile does not grant you access to titles exclusive to paying subscribers though! If you are prompted to sign in to access a title, you will be prompted to purchase a subscription after you log in to view that title.  You can tell a VIP title by the yellow "VIP' banner across the image tile of the the title.



Kind of makes you want to just purchase a subscription from the get go, right? 

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